Accounts Testimonial

‘I’m extremely pleased with the advise and thorough service provided by Oscroft and Co. A most professional and prompt service which has put my mind at ease and my accounts in perfect order”.

Nikki Haynes

Sage Care Home Testimonial

“We have been dealing with Charlotte for the last four years and found her professionally very capable and up to date with accounting matters. We use our own developed system on excel but she was very quick to pick it up and develop familiarity with it.

She is very thorough and has excellent grasp of our business. Charlotte is available to discuss and resolve any queries at our own convenience which had not been possible with other accountants we used in the past. Though some time we have presented our accounts close to filing date but she always met the deadline.

We wish her firm Oscroft & Co all best.”

Saeed Ahmad – Managing Director – Sage Care Homes Group

Accountancy Services Testimonial

“A professional and friendly service, always available to help and assist. Came to us highly recommended and we have not been disappointed”

Lynn Blackburn, Director, Morton & Crowder Limited